Vocabulary Words

I’m working on expanding my vocabulary. Maybe you are, too. I read that such things are important for poets. Not actually being a poet, I really wouldn’t know…. Anyway…. Here are some interesting words I came across recently.

Ersatz (one of PKD’s faves apparently) an imitation or copy that is typically inferior. From the German ersatzen… to replace….

Quondam- former, in the past, once, previously, sometime, erstwhile, onetime. From the Latin….

Folletto- imp, goblin, fairy. From the French… foolish or fool….

Stentorian- very, extremely or uncommonly loud and powerful (voice).

Mawkish- sentimental in an feeble or sickly way, overly or puerilely sentimental; sad or romantic in a sickening way; maudling, cloying, syrupy, saccharine; possessing a mildly sickening, slightly nauseating taste.


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