Further Explanation of Visions of the Future: 2064….

23. Hypermach travel on the fringes of Space will greatly cut the time to travel vast distances. Such technology will not be practical for short jaunts (which will be better served by the mag-lev vac-train system presented previously), but will be perfect for business and government, and of course, luxury travel. The HyperMach SonicStar is supposedly well along in development with plans for release at the Paris Air Show in 2021. Top speed is mach 3.6. The issue of Sonic Boom requiring sub-mach speed over populated areas has been alleviated, but the incredible amount of fuel needed to accelerate then maintain such speeds means that the passenger compartments will necessarily be small and travel will be expensive…. I expect the pilots will be robotic with human assist or over-watch.

24. I think Asimov got the undersea colonies wrong. I really don’t see how such colonies can be efficiently and safely developed and maintained. Even Waterworld was expensive…. But I didn’t mention using Azolla Aquaculture as a means to decrease carbon dioxide and generate resources that could be used to produce other materials. I suspect aquaculture may replace a some animals, or at least be used to fed animals.

25. I do not expect Space Colonies to be ANYTHING like they have been depicted in Science Fiction books or movies…. They will probably be ALL BUSINESS. Like current Space Missions. Mostly humans will be technicians and bean-counters/overseers who maintain and control robots and who are around in case of emergencies…. But certainly Moon Colonies will be up and running…. As will Space Stations…. Space Stations are important because they make travel to more distant points more feasible because of the Delta-V required to exit the Earth’s gravity. Having a jumping off point outside of Earths gravity well means that more energy will be available to go further faster. But… you’re still talking years…. A significant chunk of the human life span…. Lunar Colonization will be feasible because resources exist on the Moon that can be used for construction without having to ship everything up from Earth. Basalt can be spun like fiberglass and used as a construction material. We don’t really know what else useful is up there, but the Moon is a good place to test things like alternative energy. Like small Fusion nuclear power production units that are man-portable. No radioactivity is produced. The risks could be mitigated. But the purpose of Space Colonies will be to produce resources and products that cannot be produced in a gravity environment or can be produced more efficiently in Space. Expect a whole bunch of new products…. A whole lot of new Science…. But the benefits will likely have the greatest impact on wealthy/industrialized/developed nations…. Widening the disparity….

26. If Space Travel is ultimately to be feasible, then we need to develop ways to scavenge and recycle Carbon dioxide into useful compounds. The main problem on Earth is available energy. That likely will not be the issue as Space Travel matures and we move towards nuclear propulsion. Nuclear propulsion will allow more prolonged acceleration… which will produce an environment of artificial gravity… and leave energy for recycling…. For long-term Space Travel, the essential nutrients and electrolytes that are in human wastes will need to be recycled into food. No other reasonable way to provide food for such long travel times. Oxygen and Hydrogen will also need to be scavenged and recycled.

27. The gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots will widen tremendously… and the velocity of separation will accelerate….

28. Asimov stated that he thought that Psychiatry would be the most important medical specialty by 2014. He was wrong. I think he is still wrong. Not because Psychology isn’t important…. But because Abnormal Psychology has been normalized and transformed into the “New Normal”. Two of the greatest changes in this regard are the Ascendency of the Pleasure Principle and the reversal of the political power structure replacing Individual Responsibility with Entitlement Mentality. When Entitled People who believe that Pleasure Principle means they should be able to vote to get what they desire… at other people’s expense… the world has a problem…. That was illustrated in the last Global Warming Conference when non-developed nations demanded that the developed nations be fined for damage to the environment… while they be compensated to catch up… and given the technology to do so… because the developed nations had too much for too long…. Essentially… non-developed nations feel like developed nations should be penalized for being successful… and should be punished… and the pendulum should be swung the other way….. No one talked about non-developed nations capping carbon production…. No one talked about non-developed nations developing “green” technologies…. The non-developed nations sincerely believe that the developed nations should foot the WHOLE bill… and China led that charge…. CHINA… the greatest green offender on the planet…. They feel entitled to steal all of the resources from the East China Sea, the South China Sea, the China Straight… and the Moon… against International Law… and act like the Imperial powers they decry… because… of history…. And many non-developed nations back them… because they are ALL GREEDY…. Imagine what’s going to happen when such things come to a vote in the United Nations… which they inevitably will…. How would the United States and the European Union and Japan PAY for that HUGE assessment…? They would have to borrow HUGE SUMS… from China… if they can…. They would encourage crippling National Debt that they can ill afford… because their current National Debt is essentially unserviceable…. This is likely to lead directly to international conflicts…. Read that as escalating tensions leading to wars… that may expand to World Wars unlike any we have previously witnessed….

29. Gay Marriage and Gay Rights is going to explode as an issue in America, in Europe, in ALL of the developed nations…. And then… the crisis will bleed over into the non-developed nations…. This will become an issue of Human Rights versus States Rights… or National Sovereignty…. I suspect that in the end… organizations like the International Monetary Fund and other Macroeconomic Institutions will begin to play politics and exert economic pressure on Nations… to do what they are told… by the Liberal Progressive Socialists…. And then… International Economic Unity will be sundered…. The Great Satan of America and the European Union will be cast out with calls of something like criminal collusion with the Jewish Moneylenders…. And the PURE… non-Usurious lending institutions of the holy Salafists… and the PURE money of the non-Capitalist Workers of China… will step in… and set up a more “equitable” system…. And the money previously lent to the Great Satan or the Great Whore… will be called in…. And America… and much of the European Union… and Japan… and perhaps Korea… and any other allies… will be bankrupt…. Fiscally… not simply morally… as they are already seen to be in the eyes of the vast majority of the population of the world…. This may be the final reckoning…. I don’t know…. But Russia and China and India and Africa and South and Central America and ALL of the Islamic countries embrace a very different view of homosexuality than the “Enlightened” view of the West…. And they are developing a Psychology of Entitlement with regards to their views… in opposition to Western “Imperialistic” views… being shoved down their throats…. The non-developed world seems seriously jealous of what the developed world has and has had… and I don’t think it will take much to encourage them to take what they think they are entitled to have… at the expense of others… who are pushing the envelope… and feel entitled to take what they want….

30. Western Culture is based on Christian Values… which stand up for Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression, Freedom from Oppression, Freedom of Thought… Justice and Equality for ALL…. No other Culture has a thousand-year history of such values…. No other Culture has a history of such values AT ALL…. Might makes right is the cultural norm in most of the world for much of the world and totalitarian Fascism is the political norm…. Women and Gays and other races and cultures are NOT treated with respect…. People with differing opinions are EXTERMINATED… not just verbally abused…. Many nations are not prepared for Democracy, at least not in the form of American Jeffersonian Democratic Republicanism…. Americans and Westerners need to understand those differences and learn to accept that we are not the cultural norm….


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