Interesting News Out of North Korea

Here is an article about the recent events in North Korea.

According to the article, at least some units of the North Korean military are malnourished… and were defeated by the security forces of the current ruler’s uncle… who was apparently dealing with China behind Kim Jong-un’s back…. If the military is malnourished… one can only imagine what’s happening with the rest of the populace… especially in the forced labor camps….

Seems like the relationship between Kim and China is… strained….

No wonder he doesn’t listen to them on nuclear and missile tests….

No wonder he seems so belligerent and unstable….

No wonder he now seeks closer ties with South Korea….

Just remember that the message was delivered to the North Korean people…. So the “Dear Leader” is probably just lying to his people so that they continue to support him…. While he tried to provoke South Korea and the United States… in order to get something for nothing…. And to fuel anxiety in China….


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