And Now for a Bit of News from Captain Obvious

One of the “cost savings” including in ObamaCare was the fact that patients who are newly insured would go to the physicians rather than use the Emergency Room for primary care visits…. Turns out… that ain’t exactly the case…. Here’s the proof….

But ANYONE who has ever actually worked in an Emergency Room could tell you that people who don’t work… don’t like to go to Primary Care doctors…. Period…. Why…? They don’t get time off from work…. And they would rather stay at home and watch TV than go wait in line at the doctor’s office…. They don’t have to wake up in the morning and go to work… so they can wait until 2 AM to go the Emergency Room… for WHATEVER!!! Pregnancy tests. Cough. Urinary Tract Infection. Removal of surgical drains…. Nope…. I’m NOT kidding…. All of those and many more. And they will tell you up front that they ain’t waiting in line to see no doctor….

Obviously whoever captains the ObamaCare ship is oblivious to absolutely EVERYTHING!!!

They don’t understand Computers. They don’t understand Economics. And they don’t understand human nature.


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