Weakening the Dollar… Strengthening the World Economy….

I don’t know if anyone was watching last week….

The American Stock Market fell….

And the currencies of MANY Emerging Nations tanked….

While the World Elite were hanging out on the slopes of Davos… listening to Goldie Hawn wax eloquent about yoga at the World Economic Summit….


So… what happened…?

America recently announced that we were going to ease up on Quantitative Easing…. Stop printing more money…. Stop artificially producing inflation…. Reign in our wantonness….

Maybe I should explain a little more…. Japan and China have been sparing recently…. Mostly about the mineral resources under the ocean in the East China Sea. Who owns them. China wants everything for themselves. Japan doesn’t think that’s fair. Neither do many of China’s other neighbors. But… the Japanese Economy has a very significant issue…. The Japanese Economy is SO safe… it has being undergoing deflation…. Prices are going down…. And that causes people not to spend because they are waiting for the prices to drop. So… Japan’s Prime Minister is attempting “Abenomics”. Printing money to induce inflation artificially. Artificially decreasing the value of the yen. Making Japanese products cheaper and foreign products more expensive….

Quantitative Easing…. China does the same thing. So does the United States. But the issue with China is that no one really knows what is happening with China’s Economy. It’s a closely guarded State Secret…. What we do know… is that the “official” National Debt of China is a mere fraction of the REAL debt, largely due to the ubiquitous practice of “Shadow Banking”… which is eerily similar to the predatory lending practices and bundling of sketchy loans that led to the Subprime Lending Crisis… only on an astronomically larger scale….

So… the rapid expansion of the Chinese Economy… that was an outgrowth of the “Shadow Banking”… will very likely reverse….

Another related factor is that the population of China is stagnant…. So the number of available workers will soon begin to limit the growth of Chinese Industry….

As Chinese Manufacturing tapers off… China buys fewer resources from Emerging Nations… such as Argentina, Venezuela, and Africa…. Many of those countries have populist leaders who have sunk more resources into creating an image of prosperity for the poor than they can actually afford…. So… they have nationalized industries…. And foreign countries no longer are willing to invest in those Economies….

So… when America is pumping… and artificially deflating the value of the American dollar… and artificially inflating the less stable currencies… those currencies look to be comparatively  better investments…. But… when America stops pumping… the weaknesses of those currencies become manifest…. And the REAL values of those currencies come into play…. So… Turkey and Argentina and Venezuela all took a HUGE hit as the value of their currency plummeted. Usually… such countries would prop up their currencies… but they can’t… because they don’t have enough funds in reserve to buy up their currencies on the World Market… and pay off their short-term debt… which is denominated in dollars….

So… now… America is coming under pressure from the International Monetary Fund and other International Organizations to increase our debt… in order to protect our enemies…. This has serious implications for the American Taxpayer…. Can we really continue to bail out the American Unions… and the World… including our avowed enemies…?

Japan’s Abenomics and America’s Obamanomics have one thing in common: both are in uncharted territory. We don’t know what the final outcome will be because no one has ever tried going into such massive debt before. The typical way out of such tremendous Economic Inequality in the past has been war. World War II led us out of the Great Depression. Nothing else has ever been shown to work.

But the dwindling population of China and Russia have tremendous implications for the next few decades. China will soon cease to be the manufacturing economy that it recently has been. China will need to begin to produce high value items, or allow mass immigration of less trained and educated workers from other less developed countries. Manufacturing of lower quality items will probably shift to developing nations with higher population density. Politics will emerge as the developing nations align….

Russia has a problem. The areas with excess population tend to be Muslim. Same with China. And both China and Russia are being accused of discrimination….

Brazil is also facing significant difficulties Economically, and the poor performance of its neighbors adds a drag on that economy.

Funny…. Every other nation except America is doing what they think is best for their own well-being… and America is doing exactly the opposite of everyone… except Japan… who I think will soon be beyond recovery….


Recent Reads: Hyperspace by Michio Kaku.

Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the 10th Dimension by Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at City College of the City University of New York. He’s a Harvard and Berkley trained Theoretical Physicist.

Very good book. Does a good job of explaining the ideas behind String Theory and M-Theory… and the Scientific necessity of believing in the existence of higher dimensions… while explaining that absolutely no experimental evidence… or even mathematics… exists to substantiate elements of String and M-Theory….

Professor Kiko is pretty even-handed in his presentation. He walks tries to walk the middle ground between the Reductionists and the Holist… those who wad their toilet paper and those who fold…. Those who parse and those who view the Multiverse as a whole…. But he eventually states that Holist must be more right….

He tends not to be critical of the ideas he presents. He presents the idea that perhaps OUR Universe just happens to be one of potentially an infinite number of solutions that ALL seem to follow the Laws of Physics as we know them…. He accepts without too much criticism the concept of Higher Dimensions…. He even puts forth the Drake Equation as potentially credible…. But… he never gets dogmatic about any of the ideas….

Oh…. One more thing…. He mentions that most Physicists tend to stay away from Philosophy and Religion… because neither can be proven or even tested rigorously…. He proposes the concept that Physicists and REAL Scientists believe what he calls a God of Order…. Not really a god per se, but rather a force that orders the Universe and institutes Physical Laws…. He then subtly puts down a God of Miracles who performs a group of one-off parlor tricks as a likely mythological being because a Miracle may not happen even once in a lifetime…. He does mention the Theological debate about Free Will versus Predestination sparked by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Schrödinger’s Cat…. Quantum Mechanics seems to argue for the principle of Predestination….

So… like I said…. Some people wad…. Some people fold…. Some people waffle…. And some people cover their bases…. Some people was AND fold….

I’m one of those people….

So… at least to me…. A God of Order… who is Eternal… Omniscient… Omnipresent… Omnipotent… and All-loving… would be able to comprehend and construct the Wave Function for the Universe…. Such a God would define Unity…. Special and General Relativity would fit hand-in-glove with Quantum Mechanics… including Quantum Gravity…. And the entire enterprise would run so smoothly that mere mortal man would not necessarily be able to see his hand plucking the Strings…. So… some Miracle… or sets of related Miracles… that set in motion before the Creation of SpaceTime… would occur precisely as ordered… yet appear as unrelated one-off events…. The Laws of Physics could even be violated… such as the Universe expanding MUCH faster than the Speed of Light… which is the theoretical limit…. Objects could be Entangled across vast reaches of SpaceTime…. And innumerable Higher Dimensions and even Universes may exist… yet… are not required to explain what we humans see….

Recent Reads: Wool by Hugh Howley.

Wool is a work of dystopian Science Fiction set in a post-Apocalyptic nuclear radiation ravaged world… of our own making…. The premise is similar to the milieu of FallOut… only that was the result of an accident… so the destruction outside was… far less…. The purposed destruction of the entire environment of Earth was planned… to drive man underground… into Silos… essentially as a social experiment… by a bunch of crazed, fanatical lunatics running the American government….

Disturbing the established social order…. Creating pliable, complicit citizens…. Deceit…. Control…. Experiments in Communal Living…. Hmmmmmm…..

Howey does an EXCELLENT job with the Psychological aspects of the story. In my opinion, this work is essentially a Psychological Novel that follows the development of different characters as they progress through different imposed scenarios. The pace is similar to a Thriller. He moves right along… while giving a lot of detail…. He gets the vast majority of the details right…. Well researched. Well thought out. Tightly constructed. Easy to put yourself into the world and suspend disbelief.

Criticisms…. Well… one of the literary techniques Howey uses is repetition. Like I mentioned, he moves at a pace similar to a Thriller. Then he uses Repetition to focus the Reader on one particular aspect of the story… to build drama…. That’s fine. But he does it often enough that it becomes a tell. At least to people like me who like trying to anticipate… or figure out where the plot is going…. (I write the story in my head while I read. Always have. And compare the author’s story to MY story….) My REAL issue with the technique… other than I find it a little tedious… is that he NEVER varied the result…. Never threw in a Red Herring…. Never threw in a Normal… or Control scene….

And… on a few occasions… he went to a lot of trouble to develop the Physics of a particular problem… through a long and arduous process… and then at a critical time… rushed through and failed to apply the Physics he had developed appropriately because he jumped back into Thriller mode…. Sort of like the microgravity scenes in Gravity… where the Producers and Directors seem much more enamored with demonstrating the WOW! of their Special Effects budget rather than following the laws of Physics…. Like when an entire movie is shot at 1G… until the script demands that the chase through the hanger bay be weightless in order to maximize the drama… and then they return to 1G for the remainder of the movie…. That just wrecks my ability to suspend disbelief…. Few slips like that…. But not many…. Howey did an amazing job with the details…. Except with some of the Physiology…. Too Hollywood…. Not really human…. But… most people will view that as dramatic….

Yellow Journalism, or Liberal Bigotry.


Two men were fired. Or two non-African-Americans were fired, one of whom is a non-qualified minority (minority only because his race, skin-tone and national origin lead to abuse, not because he receives any benefits from Federal quotas). All three did the same thing. Repeatedly. Why was the African-American woman kept? Sexism? Racism? Ratings? Protegé of Rachel Maddow? Cried on camera?

One other point. Ms. Melissa Harris-Perry has demonstrated EXTREME prejudice towards men of similar ethnicity as Mr. Bashir, mocking Governor Bobby Jindal’s use of an Americanized nickname, without attacking President Barack Obama for using the nickname Barry….

ALL three of these people violated the accepted ethics of journalistic integrity. Multiple times. All THREE have demonstrated not only extreme hubris and rampant hypocrisy, but also Liberal Bigotry. Chris Matthews seems to spew NOTHING but hate speech. Rachel Maddow prances out undocumented evidence that she refuses to retract when it is shown to be inaccurate. MSNBC is entertainment: not journalism.