Secular Humanism and Other Religions with Regards to Evolution, Creation, and Science

For over 2500 years, one set of “theories” reigned supreme… and were, in fact, considered by many to be the epitome of human accomplishment on which everything else must be based. At the turn of the XXth Century, Scientist sincerely believed that ALL meaningful discoveries had been made… and nothing more remained except cleaning up Newton’s Laws and Maxwell’s Field Equations….

And then… Max Planck suggested the concept of “Quanta”…. And Albert Einstein fell asleep leaning back in his chair at the Swiss patent office and conceived of gravity NOT being a force… but merely a curvature of Space-Time…. No true Scientists believed either of them… because doing so REQUIRED that Euclidean Geometry be thrown out….

Well… Euclidean Geometry was accepted for over 2500 years as absolute truth…. But that was spurious assumption…. Based solely on other spurious assumptions…. Professors North-Whitehead and Russell sought to construct proofs of ALL mathematics from first principles… without assumptions…. They believed they accomplished their goals…. They were WRONG….

Evolution is similarly based on MANY spurious assumptions… the most glaring is that no other legitimate solutions exist… when in fact… and INFINITE number of alternative solutions exist… and must be developed and tested… disproved… in order for Evolution to be proved…. And that ain’t happened and ain’t… even… close….

Evolution is not a “fact”. Evolution is a concept. A myth. A belief. One possible solution to EXPLAIN observations. Does Evolution occur…? Probably. Adaptation certainly does. Lot’s of evidence exists to support Evolution as a workable solution. But that is different from proof. Different from fact. Acceptance is ALSO different from proof and fact. Like I stated at the top… at the turn of the XXth Century… the vast majority of Scientists… held archaic beliefs… as truth…. They held Euclidean Geometry as the basis for ALL proof…. Their persecution of dissenting opinion was SO STRONG that the greatest mathematical genius in the history of mankind… was afraid to stand in front of them and present the truth…. So… Gauss gave the problem to a student… Riemann…. A century later… Einstein used Riemann’s concepts to disprove Newton’s Law of Gravity…. Which means… it never really was a law…. Not even a real Theory…. Nothing more than a hypothesis that disproved… and honed… over time….

That’s how Science actually works. NOTHING is ever proved. Everything must be constantly challenged.

Both Secular Humanism and Conservative Christianity are branches of religions. The difference is simply that Conservative Christianity understands and accepts faith as the basis for belief, while Secular Humanism prefers to deceive itself willfully… and try to deceive others by claiming intellectual superiority… and by denying their faith… and forcing their faith on others who believe differently…. By grabbing the bully pulpit of education for their own religious persecution of those who dare to believe differently…. By being hypocrites… and doing exactly what they decry others doing…. Forcing one’s personal religious beliefs on ALL….


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