Duck Dynasty Flap and Hypocrisy….

I am going to post two articles and make two comments.

In this article Phil Robertson’s comments are edited to reflect the agenda of the this reporter and not necessary the person being quoted. Mr. Robertson never singled out homosexuality. He never implied homosexuality was worse than heterosexual sex outside marriage or swindling or lying or any other act of immorality. Such biased editing, whether it was done to spin the story in certain way, or simply done out of ignorance regarding what Mr. Robertson was saying, or out of haste to meet a deadline, or just sloppy… doesn’t matter… because the result does not meet the established standards for acceptable journalism.

If A&E has integrity, and wish to show themselves as something other than hypocrites, they will NEVER air another episode of Duck Dynasty and they will release all episodes to be aired on a network whose values are better reflected by Mr. Robertson and his family, rather than exploiting them for ratings and profits.

A&E deserves to be sued for their hypocrisy, but I hope and expect that Mr. Robertson will have too much class and will treat the offensive network more professionally than they have treated him.

Camille Paglia must be old. Old School. I disagree with her opinions on MANY points. But I never fail to find her points focused and on point and presented in an erudite manner. She is a Liberal Progressive Lesbian Feminist Atheist who is intelligent… and gets Liberal Bigotry…. She understands that Liberal Bigotry undermines the integrity of her position. I respect Ms. Paglia and I respect her opinion, which is significantly different than saying I believe every American and every human has the right to hold and express their opinion… at least in America because we have Constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech….

Now… to any Conservatives who might read this… we need to learn tolerance for other opinions from Ms. Paglia…. We need to learn Separation of Church and State…. So that WE have integrity when we demand equality for ourselves and the opportunity to express our beliefs….

I have read recently that homosexuals make up only 2% of the population, but they have power out of proportion to their number.  Here is an article from the Huffington Post (a liberal source) that claims the number of gays and lesbians in America is around 4 million, which is 1.7%. Previous estimates range from 3-5% up to the Kinsey claim of 10%. Regardless, the proportion of gays seems to be significantly less than the number of people who believe in God and Jesus Christ, which was recently pegged at around 83% ( The influence of homosexuals is indeed disproportionate….

Why? One reason is that they are disproportionately represented in the Entertainment and Media Industry. And… Education…. Another is that tend to have a much larger proportion of their income disposable, which makes them attractive to advertisers. And they are politically active.

Perhaps America and other civilized Democratic countries are reaching the point where we should begin an honest discussion on what Equality really is. And Freedom. Is Equality forcing my desires on others? Some form of Payback? Is Bigotry really Tolerance, if I get what I demand? What Freedoms are actually protected by the Constitutions? And which are not.

America is engaged in Idealistic Warfare in which anyone who expression an opinion that does not follow the Liberal Progressive and often Gay Rights agenda is immediately, vehemently and disproportionately as immoral, unethical, ignorant and Fascist, among other epithets that are generally thrown around. Typically, the attacks intentionally misrepresent the statements made by the individual to make a political point. (This tactic of creating a Straw Man in order to erect a target that demonizes and misrepresents and vilifies the opponent is a method of propaganda used by essentially all sides.)

My point: Promoting the ideal that Gays and Lesbians and Liberal Progressives have the inherent right to “be themselves” and be heard expressing their viewpoints in any way they wish without restriction, but Christian Conservatives are ignorant and intolerant and should be silenced… is ASTOUNDINGLY hypocritical. Promoting the belief that the Gay Agenda should be accepted without discussion and ALL OTHER viewpoints should be ruthlessly attacked and demonized is… LIBERAL BIGOTRY….

Ms. Paglia’s point…? Liberal and Progressives and Atheists and Secular Humanists and Gays used to promote and defend Freedom of Speech… until they seized control of the Bully Pulpit… at which point they immediately began to emulate the Fascist Dictators they previously decried…. That’s really too bad…. Because America is beginning to recognize the sheer hypocrisy…. Hopefully Europe will begin to sooner rather than later as well…. Russia and China and even Venezuela mocks all of us… and with good reason…. We impose moral standards on others… then excuse our own sinful lusts and excesses…. The rules only apply to the fools….

I have written a lot about Liberal Bigotry and Hypocrisy…. Some have commented that I have not commented much about Christian Conservative Bigotry and Hypocrisy…. Maybe I’m blind…. Well… I’ve noticed a lot of comments from outside America and from Blue States that consistently comment negatively on Christian Conservatives… without ever mentioning Liberal Bigotry and Gay Hypocrisy… and seem to suggest that BOTH are ideals to be upheld as the Gold Standard…. I disagree…. ALL Hypocrisy and ALL Bigotry should be combated, if we wish to establish Equality and Justice for ALL Americans….



2 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Flap and Hypocrisy….

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