Some Humor from Another Site…. Addressing a Bullet-list Attacking American Christian Conservatism (Tea Party)….

I found this bullet-list on another blog site… and the vehemence… the hypocritical hyperbigoted hyperbole… the vicious vindictive Imperialist impertinent rant… struck me as quite a bit odd… given the title of blog suggests the blogger promotes Zen principles…. I rewrote and paraphrased his comments….

I know some who read this may take issue with my depiction of the blog as a hyperbigoted rant… because Liberal Progressives fervently believe that they are… well… liberal-minded…. Open-minded…. Accepting of other opinions…. So… please allow me to provide the definition of bigotry:

noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries
  1. 1.
    bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.
    “the report reveals racism and right-wing bigotry”

late 17th cent.: from bigot, reinforced by French bigoterie .
That’s from Google. And not even the biggest Liberal Bigot can argue that the definition I am posted comes from a source that is biased towards Conservatism… because the Right Wing is attacked openly…. Which outs the source as a bastion of Liberal Bigotry… but don’t worry… they are way too conceited and blinded by ideology to see any hint of that….
I LOVE the smell of sarcasm in the morning…. It smells like…. VICTORY!!!
So… the bullet-list…. I will attempt to address these one by one…. Many follow some of the ideas in my previous posts… so… of course… I’m flattered!
  • Socialists are evil and Obama and the Democrats should be compared to the devil and North Korean dictators.
  • The Economics of the Tea Party are a viable alternative to the other two mental forms of capitalism America possesses!
  • God is real and not a fat, black woman, but really does exist sitting on a cloud in the sky.
  • The American mainstream media is a left-wing conspiracy that advocates eating children and banning such traditions as Mom’s Apple Pie.
  • Guns are a great way to kill animals, communists, schoolteachers, etc.
  • The world begins and ends at the borders of America.
  • Providing affordable healthcare for all Americans including poor people would be a really bad idea.
  • Doing anything including shitting on everyone else is perfectly acceptable behavior in order to make a buck.

1. Socialists are evil and Obama and the Democrats should be compared to the devil and North Korean dictators.

Some of these must be an attempt at satire. Or maybe the blogger is simply attempting to talk about things he really doesn’t understand. But…. The Devil is the definition of evil, but he’s not a Socialist. At least not always. By North Korean dictators, I will give the blogger the benefit of the doubt on understanding of Geography and History and Political Science… and assume he means the Kim family…. But maybe he thinks there is a junta…. An Oligarchy…. Well… the Kims are evil…. Even the British Press points out that the recent assassination of the dictators uncle was an evil act…. But… North Korea’s form of government isn’t Socialism…. It’s theoretically Communism…. The CALL it the People’s Republic… and it’s run by the Communist Party… but as I have explained MANY times in my recent posts… it’s actually Fascism. Communism means “no government”… which is Anarchy…. At least that’s how Marx and Engels put it…. Obama and the Democrats are misguided Liberal Progressive Socialists and are trying to promote amorality…. Richard Dawson claims Obama MUST be an Atheist and Secular Humanist…. And… Richard Dawkins is a Socialist and an Atheist and Secular Humanists… so he should recognize someone else who is one…. But being misguided is different from being Evil… though spying on American Citizens and using the Internal Revenue System to target political opponents… well… not even Richard Milhouse Nixon could pull off that, though he sure tried both…. George Orwell was also a Socialist…. And HE depicted those acts when carried out by government, particularly against its own people… and when covered up by a cascade of lies and deceits… as evil…. Maybe the bloggers point is that Obama and Democrats are merely incompotent and not really EVIL… which is forgiveable… because it’s not their fault… it’s Societies…. Unless, of course, you happen to be George W. Bush…. So forgiveness and good will must only be extended to those of the same faith in the Zen world of Liberal Progressive Socialist Secular Humanism…. Interesting…. In the Right Wing Conservative Fundamentalist Christian world… were supposed to forgive everyone who sins against us… because we are forgiven…. We don’t…. I don’t…. Or I wouldn’t be writing this snarky blog, would I…? Zen Blogger wins the point…. I’m a hypocrite….

2. The Economics of the Tea Party are a viable alternative to the other two mental forms of capitalism America possesses!

The other two forms of Capitalism “we” have being…? State Capitalism as demonstrated by the GM Bailout and the Bailout of the Wall Street Bankers after Barney Frank, etc. precipitated the Sub-Prime Mortgage fiasco…? Commercial Capitalism… which also involves constant enrichment of Wall Street bankers and the Political Elite… and the Unions… buying power through Political Contributions and illegal shenanigans…? Or Laissez-Faire Capitalism… that if done without excessive government regulation and taxation to redistribute wealth and was accompanied by education and equal opportunity that promoted Exceptionalism (American and otherwise) and appropriate investment in infrastructure… would lead to increased productivity and added value for EVERY worker… and inevitably lead to improvement in Standard of Living for ALL Americans… rather than the death-spiral that always seems to accompany Socialism and Communism…. Well… unfortunately… I’ve spent some time recently reading Microeconomics by Pindyck and Rubinfeld and Macroeconomics by Abel, Bernanke and Croushore (yep… THAT Bernanke…) and some other books on Finance and Marketing… and looking at the world news… and… injecting politics into the Economy the way Obama and the Democrats are trying to do it… is unsustainable…. I’ve explained why elsewhere…. So… Zen Blogger wins this point! The Tea Party has the better long-term proposals….

3. God is real and not a fat, black woman, but really does exist sitting on a cloud in the sky.

Ok. This one is HYSTERICAL!!! That “fat, black woman” comment comes across as racist to me…. I really wouldn’t expect such an obviously racist and culturally insensitive remark from someone I presume to be a Secular Humanist… and promoter of racial and cultural equality…. In fact… I find it SHOCKING!!! And outrageously offensive…. So I am lead to the conclusion that this “English Gentleman” is still in the imperious Imperialistic mode that China just brought up when Prime Minister Cameron visiting last week… before Mr. Cameron and President Obama demonstrated who inappropriately uncouth and culturally insensitive at the State Funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela, fawning over Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. At least the Europeans had the discretion not to bring their spouses…. I must admit that I really can’t follow Zen Bloggers third point about the woman sitting on a cloud in the sky…. Seems a little detached from reality there…. But still… I will concede him the point…. God does exist…. Between believing that God exists and Created the Universe… and believing the other option… a series of spontaneous vibrations in Super-stings that exist in wee-tiny little dimensions that are rolled up smaller than protons… as demonstrated by math that has yet to be proved and was created by an uneducated Indian genius… who died without explaining the math he created…. Well… the story just gets more implausible and unscientific and anti-intellectual from there… and breaks down to nothing more that a demand that I accept the Fundamentalist Secular Humanist Dogma promulgated by Dawkins and Krauss… who are both profiting handsomely off of their book sales and lecture tours and government grants by the way…. Well… at the point Kaku explains details and Krauss demands that I accept as “proven Scientific fact” assertions that cannot possibly be tested for somewhere between a Century and a Millennium… if ever… because a Super-duper-super collider that reaches from Earth to the Sun…. Well… just based on the lack of true Science… and the specious nature of the Dogmatic Religious rants that are presented as though they constituted a logical argument… I am going to have to fall back on the Philosophical Principle of Lex Parsimoniae… which is supposed to be used in ALL such “Scientific” discussions to determine the which of two proposed solutions is most likely to have value…. Occam’s Razor…. The simplest solution is usually best…. That solution…? An eternal, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, All-loving, All-just God did it… just like he said he did…. He may have used something similar to the Standard Model and he may have used something like Evolution…. I don’t know. I don’t NEED to know. But if he exists and he is who he says he is… then he has the solution to Grand Unified Theory… and he understands the higher mathematics and has the power to unroll the wee-tiny little dimensions… whether it’s ten or 26…. Because he knew how to put the Universe or Multiverse together and make ALL of the math work out… even within Black Holes… without having to resort to Singularities…. He CREATED the Laws of Physics… so he doesn’t have to worry about them falling apart when he tries to figure things out…. ALL of the things that Dawkins and Krauss are trying to create through Secular Humanist Science Fiction presented without either proof of logical defense… is explained much more simply and elegantly in God…. But… if Scripture is inerrant… and God is not a liar… then NO ONE will ever accept him without Saving Faith in his son Jesus Christ… which must come via the Holy Spirit who is God himself… and cannot be figured out or understood through human intelligence or endeavor…. So I don’t expect Dawkins or Krauss or many of the rest of the Secular Humanists to ever understand…. Not because they lack intelligence…. Bertrand Russell was by far the brightest of the bunch… and he couldn’t figure it out… and he actually tried…. I feel sorry for all of them… but especially Russell…. And… like I said… I concede the point…. God is REAL and explains the vast majority of the mysteries of Science… as well as the WHY… which Science can never address….

4. The American mainstream media is a left-wing conspiracy that advocates eating children and banning such traditions as Mom’s Apple Pie.

Well… not exactly…. And not just “our” media…. The Russian Times… Xinhua… Many of the British Tabloids…. Al-Jezeera…. Many… or even most of the mainstream press has devolved into being nothing more than the Propaganda Mouthpiece of their respective governments…. The New York Times and Washington Post and the major Television News Agencies certainly fulfill this role… as predicted by George Orwell in 1984…. The Ministry of Truth… that dispenses spin and mind-control as though it were drugs…. Now we have bloggers and Social Media doing the same thing…. But… at least in America… Schools and Journalism have been the almost exclusive province of Liberal Progressive Socialists and Secular Humanists…. Since the entrance of rampant Unionization of our schools, the American Educational establishment has evolved from education to indoctrination…. No one is being taught how to think critically anymore. No one is being taught moral judgment. Because critical thinking flies in the face of the meager minded indoctrination of small minded sycophants…. Seems our younger generation has been seduced by technology… and no longer knows how to take time to think through topics so that they can get beyond the surface…. The Talking Points…. The Marketing of Ideas…. Consumerism…. Entitlement Culture…. The Pleasure Principle minimally moderated by the Reality Principle…. The Mainstream Media has LONG been a bastion of the Left Wing… and to understand how we got here… you need to look back at the History of Journalism…. The best example I can give off the top of my head is an illustration from Aaron Nimzovich in his book Mein System (a book about Hypermodern Chess praxis). Nimzovich says that for a Newpaper to be successful, it needs financial backing and a political party…. If you look at many of the leading minds in political thought… Adolf Hitler who was Fascist under the guise of a Socialism… Karl Marx and Frederich Engels who were Anarchist under the guise of Communism…. Pravda and Soviet Life (which means Truth in Russian)… all understood the power of the politicalization of the press… or the propagandazation of a country in order to control the populace…. That’s also the modus operandi of Community Organization as written by Saul Alinsky… and taught by Barack Obama who used Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals in his class…. Alinsky EXPLICITLY states that Community Organizers should demonize their opponents… even if they agree with the vast majority of their message and their opponents are honest people with workable idea (especially then because they are less likely to fight back with the same intensity and Will to Power) and purposefully mislead and lie to their constituents… because only they will believe the message… and anything is OK in the quest of the Left to Seize Power…. Now… in the 50s and 60s Journalism moved away from the biased political position and became more of a search for truth…. Many of the best journalist… like Walter Cronkite… leaned Left… but specifically pursued a more Centrist path…. That’s when the Standard of Journalism were developed…. But they are now consistently and routinely violated. Marshall McLuhan famously stated that “the medium is the message”. He gave every student in his class the same scenes… and had them assemble the tape in different ways in order to present a different narrative…. That’s the power of propaganda…. That’s what the American Mainstream Media is doing wantonly today…. They present a biased view-point that represents their own political belief as though it were the only possible interpretation of the events and the only acceptable opinion…. Anyone who is “free thinker” and doesn’t accept the same vision… must be an idiot…. Well… that is clearly Liberal Bigotry…. And it’s rampant…. Check the definition of “bigotry” that I posted at the top of this blog from a Liberal site so that you can see that my assertion that the Liberal Bigotry of the American Mainstream Media is biased and is presented a skewed and politically motivated agenda under the guise of news that is nonpartisan and impartial… because partisan, partial, biased reporting the promotes an unstated agenda… is nothing more than propaganda… and lacks credibility and authority…. Which is where we currently sit in America. Some of the British papers do an excellent job of Journalism. The Independent does a much better job with American political news than American Newspapers do. Now… I don’t know about eating children and banning Mom’s apple pie… but the British seem to be having a much larger issue with paedophilic cannibalism than even the most Left Wing American media these days with the whole Sir Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal and other such celebrities being implicated… and Prince Charles being accused of trying to cover it all up…. The Independent did a pretty good job with that one, too. Just thinking…. Maybe it’s because of some of America’s backward ideas that we tend not to tolerate that kind of stuff…. Or… maybe it’s because we don’t have Crowned Princes-in-waiting for life who sufficient power and motive to cover it up…. We just have Presidents…. And they can only lie for two terms at most…. But… I will award him the point…. The American Mainstream Media is Left Wing and do promote their political agenda in a biased and partisan way that amounts to little more than propaganda. Especially the New York Times.

5. Guns are a great way to kill animals, communists, schoolteachers, etc.

This one is HILARIOUS!!! I think Zen Blogger is trying to present his imperious Imperialistic position as mainstream…. Interesting…. How do I assess this one…? If Zen Blogger is really a follower of Zen, then he’s Buddhist…. If he’s Buddhist, then he’s likely, but not necessarily, vegetarian or vegan…. Perhaps Zen Blogger is an ardent advocate of Anthropogenic Global Climate Change (a position formerly known as Man-made Global Warming…) and is endeavoring on a Crusade to eliminate Bovine and Porcine Flatulence…. (Simply stopping the ceaseless and senseless spewing of some of the Hot Air seems to me more likely to be effective….) Perhaps he simply believe in the sanctity of ALL life…. Certainly an acceptable position…. As one as he doesn’t proselytize…. Demand others submit to his beliefs…. As for the REST of his comments…. Obviously he is unfamiliar with the latest news about the escalation of gun violence in America…. It’s the Socialists and Communists who have recently taken up guns… and obtained a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook… and attacked school teachers and students… and theater goes…. Seems Socialists are more unhinged than Right Wing White Guys…. Even the Boston Marathon Bomber… who was born and raised in formerly Communist country… believe thoughts were being broadcasted into his head telling him to kill people…. And I’m not even discussing the main source of gun violence in America… the Liberal Progressive Socialist gang members currently terrorizing America’s most Left-leaning cities like Chicago… Detroit… Philadelphia… East Saint Louis… and much of California…. Shooting and maiming and killing innocent children…. It’s funny…. Not in any ha-ha kind of way…. But IRONIC… and MORONIC in some since… that someone from outside of our country… who is not a part of American Culture… and clearly has no appreciation or respect for other ideas and cultures… shout feel justified in criticizing other cultures and people so STRONGLY…. Man…. That’s arrogance…. And hypocrisy…. And hyperbigotry…. Anyway… I was reading Quigley not too long ago… as I have mentioned previously on my blog… and he points out that without America’s Pioneering Spirit… Love of Freedom… Intellectual Independence… and Gun Culture… we would most likely STILL be Imperial Subject under British Rule…. And NO country would have made the fantastic leap towards Independence and Democracy… because we were the first…. We didn’t even have to slaughter all of the Aristocrats… because we all commoners…. Britain kicked out all of it’s unwanted…. The derelicts…. The poor…. The younger sons of the Aristocracy who would inherit no land or title…. The Religious Desenters who disagreed with the State Religion…. The people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder… who wouldn’t do what they were told…. Who got in trouble…. The Independent-spirited… gambling… day-dreamers…. Who made great Pioneers…. And Entrepreneurs…. England STARTED the whole Industrial Revolution…. The preceded that with the Agricultural Revolution (Jethro Tull was a real man!)…. And England was the unchallenged seat of Capitalism… because it was the HUB of International Banking…. Because it had an Empire that spanned the entire globe…. The Sun never set on the British Empire! And… well… because they force everyone to submit to their authority… and rape and robbed the whole world…. And sold the rest into slavery…. So… I can understand the arrogant air of British Superiority…. And… they’re still the best allies America has…. Well… there was that whole First and Second World War thing…. And the Aramco inspired coup d’etat in Iran in 1951…. A few other things…. Anyway…. Zen Blogger whiffed mightily on this one…. Doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and he is applying his inherently bigoted cultural bias to a culture he cannot understand and of which he has never been a part…. That’s dangerous….

6. The world begins and ends at the borders of America.

Well… Canada and Russia are fighting over the vast floating block of ice known as the North Pole, but… I won’t quibble…. I actually addressed this one in my comment immediately above. The only nation who has EVER claimed to have an Empire that spanned the whole globe was England…. Currently… America is the greatest nation in the world…. We’ve held that title for essentially an entire Century…. But… I think a lot of us have more of an isolationist bend and particularly desire to tell other countries what to do…. Of course… the Liberal Progressive Socialists and Secular Humanists arrogantly believe that they should have the right to foist their believes on everyone else under the Sun…. So… since they currently hold power… I will reluctantly award Zen Blogger the point….

7. Providing affordable healthcare for all Americans including poor people would be a really bad idea.

I am going to disagree with Zen Blogger on this one. I think most Americans believe that healthcare for everyone is a great idea… but not a right…. I think most Middle Class Americans believe that people should have the right and freedom to CHOOSE whether to purchase health insurance for themselves and their families or not, rather than being force to pay taxes that were misrepresented as cost savings… and pay for a few million of our closest friends who are able bodied, but don’t see the need to work to provide for themselves and their families and simply choose to be irresponsible because they have been indoctrinated to buy into a culture of Entitlement…. Most Americans seem to believe that they should have the opportunity to choose the healthcare that is best for themselves and their family rather than being treated as idiots and having other people’s choices forced down their throats while simultaneously being forced to pick up the tab for others who are no less able to work…. America already has mechanisms in place to take care of the indigent… except for those who are being forced into that position through the imposition of taxes that President Obama vehemently denied were taxes when he and the other Democrats lied to them and told them that they would get better coverage for less money… and pie in the sky and ice cream… and… and… and….  Now… Zen Blogger is from the United Kingdom… where Socialized Medicine is the norm… in the morning… before all the doctors pack up and move their practices to private hospitals where patients can get procedures performed expeditiously and not have to wait months or years or die…. The United Kingdom’s Socialized Medicine gave us such gems as treating peritonitis from ruptured appendix with antibiotics rather than emergency surgery…. Hint…. No one knew it would work…. Hint…. No one had ever tried it before…. Hint…. Patients and parents weren’t offered the option of participating a study or not…. I have a friend whose grandfather was refused Renal Dialysis in Canada because he was over 65 and no longer productive…. The HUMANENESS of Social Medicine is… underwhelming…. And the cost savings doesn’t come from giving preventative medicine to the poor…. It comes from eliminating costly procedures in those who would be getting them with their Private Insurance…. Hospitals and doctors, especially Surgeons in the Liberal Bastion of Massachusetts LOVE the Obamacare Pilot Program… because we got paid for procedures that we otherwise would have performed for free (the hospital was always reimbursed, but not the doctor)…. The paradox is… the poor patients who were previously protected from unnecessary invasive procedures because they weren’t reimbursed… now are subjected to the same risks to make the doctors Porsche payments as the Privately Insured…. And don’t try to tell me I don’t now what I’m talking about…. I DO!!!! So… I’ll take the point…. Zen Blogger clearly doesn’t work in healthcare….

8. Doing anything including shitting on everyone else is perfectly acceptable behavior in order to make a buck.

I discuss the validity of various Economic Models above in point #2… and in many of my previous blog posts…. If you are really interested in understanding Macroeconomics and why the Liberal Progressive Socialist agenda cannot work… etc…. I suggest you study such previous posts as: Verruca Vulgaris Explains: GM Bailout Lies… Political Corruption… Institutionalized Social Injustice… and Psychology….; Rare Earth Elements: China Imitating Walmart… and Why It’s Important for the Present… and the Future….; Understanding the Delusion of the Liberal Progressive Socialist Democrats… and Political Corruption….; Modern Imperialism….; but especially Entitlement: The Fatal Flaw of Socialism, Communism and Secular Humanism. and Dialogue on Entitlement: The Fatal Flaw of Socialism, Communism and Secular Humanism. I go into a lot of detail and present specifics… I don’t just throw up unsubstantiated thoughtless opinion as though it were fact and treat everyone with an opposing opinion with disdain…. The bottom line is ALWAYS Economics…. No matter what I want to believe… bad Economic decisions is never any good for anyone…. The Rich are always going to protect themselves… and they have the means of obtaining political power…. So… no matter how much the Liberal Progressive Socialists SAY they are out to help the poor and disenfranchised… they are lying…. They are out to help themselves…. But… don’t listen to me…. Read what THEY say…. Not their Talking Points…. Their academic foundations…. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals…. The Italian Communist Party stopped allowing their members to visit the Soviet Union before its demise because invariably those who came back changed their political philosophies…. Show me ONE Liberal Progressive Socialist who holds no position of power who can discuss anything other than bulleted Talking Points… and who actually understands and can discuss in any meaning way History, Political Science and Economics…. I’d really like to meet someone like that…. I know a few who hold some of those characteristics, but even those believe more from their hearts than their heads. And THAT’S dangerous moving forward in these difficult times….


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