American Values and a Clash of Cultures.

Today… Americans are being taught to embrace an ethos of Moral Relativism…. Situational Ethic, at least in an Academic sense, is different.

American’s are being taught that there is no right and no wrong, just differences of opinion. America must accept cultural diversity. Nothing is good. Nothing is bad. No one is evil. And no one is responsible for their bad choices. We must accept everyone….

If nothing else… read the last three paragraphs….

This is a classic case of Liberal Progressive Socialist hypocrisy. Imposing their values on other cultures, while demanding that everyone else accept their values. Everything the Indian’s are saying here is correct. The King of Morocco was allowed to bring his slaves when he came to New York for surgery…. That was hushed up….

But… I guess the Unions didn’t care about Slaves….

Let me be clear on the unmitigated hypocrisy here…. Powerful Liberal Progressive Socialist LEADERS… like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi… are DEMANDING that the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement section of Homeland Security immediately cease the deportation of illegal immigrants from America… which is their legal responsibility…. Many other instances of similar illegal activity stemming from politically motivated selective enforcement of Federal Statutory Law are also well documented…. The Obama Administration enforces the laws they choose to enforce… on the people whom they wish to punish… for nothing other than purely political reasons…. And that is not only illegal, but also immoral…. The IRS Scandal…. NSA spying on American Citizens…. Fully funding the retirement of government and even United Auto Workers Union members with American Taxpayer money, while stealing money from non-Union members… and even disabled veterans…. Closing National Parks and securing the entrances during the Government Shut-down… where access is NEVER denies on ANY other day…. That’s just a few….

But what is being demonstrated in New York goes way beyond what is being perpetrated on even American Citizens who hold differing political beliefs from the Liberal Progressive Socialists and Secular Humanists currently in power in Washington. This is a full out expression of Liberal Bigotry and reinforces the Ugly American and Western Imperialist stigma that these same people routinely blame President George W. Bush for promulgating. And… it flies in the face of what the bigoted Liberal Progressive Socialist and Secular Humanist claims to support… while they force their beliefs down the throat of everyone else….

No one can have it both ways. You can’t say that State Courts have the obligation to force things like Gay Marriage on States that don’t want it… wresting the authority for such decisions away from the legislature… where such authority is enshrined in the Constitution… and then turn around and say Imperiously that because we squeaked by in the Presidential election we have won the right to oppress the losers through partisan implementation of the Tyranny of the Majority….

India is completely in the right based solely on what has been published…. I don’t know any other details, but the Indian Ambassador and his or her family enjoy full diplomatic immunity from arrest or harassment from American legal authorities… to prevent America from being able to threaten and coerce foreign governments…. This is a standard that ALL civilized nations accept and embrace…. That’s why the Iranian seizure of the American Embassy in 1979 is considered so deplorable and barbarous…. That’s why Britain doesn’t just go into the Ecuadorean Embassy and seize Julian Assange and deport him….

Now… for my main point…. India…. and China…. and Russia…. and Africa… and Brazil… are not Western Countries…. They arose out of different and diverse cultures….

Liberal Progressive Socialists and Secular Humanists cannot simultaneously hold the position that they support diversity and radical inclusivity while castigating Conservative Christians simply because we believe differently… and arresting Indian Citizens in America under Diplomatic Impunity for perjuring immigration documents about something as stupid as possible violation of minimum wage laws… for such a clearly political purpose…. President William Jefferson Clinton at best used his position of power to influence a teenage girl into having oral sex with him… then lied in sworn testimony to cover it up…. President Clinton CLEARLY committed perjury…. And at least committed Sexual Harassment under the definition of the Federal Statutes because he used his position of authority and power as leverage to have sex with an employee under him…. But… politics prevailed… and he was made out to be a HUGE Liberal Progressive Socialist icon…. What he did was certainly orders of magnitude worse than what the Indian Ambassador did… at least as far as we know so far…. So… where is the Justice…?

America arose out of Western Culture… which is predicated on Christian Morality…. Not my original idea. I took it straight out of Professor Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time… which influenced Clinton greatly…. What separates America (and Western Culture) from the rest of the world is Christian Morality…. That’s why we value women and freedom and justice…. That’s the basis for the American belief in equality for all without regard to race or class or wealth or power or anything else…. That’s the basis of our belief that a man is innocent until proven guilty…. Other cultures don’t espouse equality or women’s rights or justice for the poor and disenfranchised…. The right of ALL men and women to education and employment…. And ownership of private property…. Russia was an Empire and the serfs were essentially slaves who belonged to the Tsar or other nobility. China was also an Empire and was essentially divvied up by greedy Imperialistic Western powers who forced her to sell her natural resources cheaply and buy things that were necessary (like kerosene and lamps) or unnecessary, unwanted and deadly (like opium) at outrageous profit. India was similarly enslaved and impoverished. The Industrialized west sold steal for railroads so that the raw materials could be plundered and the products moved back and forth between the colonies to be sold… and the profits and raw materials shipped home to be made into more expensive products that were shipped back to be sold in what amounted to a Company Store scenario in many cases… with loans coming through the English banks set up in Hong Kong…. Russia, China, India, Africa and the Muslim world came out of VERY different history than America and the West…. Their governments were often brutal and oppressive… and greedy…. Not looking out for the welfare of the masses…. So… authoritarian oppressive government is not only tolerated, but expected at least to some extent…. That’s probably a major factor in why the Taliban was embraced…. Why China embraced Mao…. While Russia tolerated Stalin…. Even why Germany accepted Hitler… because they had no real history of Democracy, either…. Same with Iraq…. Iran…. And much of Africa….

If America is to REALLY embrace culture diversity… we need to get beyond the Politically Correct attitude that having more people of color in Sleepy Hallow is the apex of American Cultural Quality…. We need to move towards an understanding that different cultures have different and distinct ideals and ideologies…. Only through allowing opinions that we disagree with to be expressed and discussed without disdain will America move towards true Equality…. When ALL men and women begin to embrace TRUE equality…. Not looking for to institutionalize an advantage for themselves because of their skin tone or culture or even past slights…. Everyone should enjoy the benefits of education… and equal opportunity for employment… and after that… may the best and hardest working man or woman win… because THAT increases productivity and will lead to a higher Standard of Living for all…. And that’s the only way to sustain Economic Growth and lift ALL out of poverty….

Back to my original point…. That Indian Diplomat is not only being treated illegally… but also in a culturally tone-deaf and contemptuous manner… for apparently purely political purposes….

Now… to the last three paragraphs…. Yashwant Sinha of the Bharatiya Janata Party makes an AMAZING point regarding the hypocrisy here…. Russia… China… India… the entire continent of Africa… the entire Muslim world… Eastern Europe… and the majority of Latinos and Hispanics… do not accept homosexuality…. Many countries persecute homosexuals…. The same with Secular Humanists and Atheists…. Those “offenses” are punishable by imprisonment and even torture and death in many parts of the world… as is being Christian….

If the Indian government has every right to choose to enforce their laws as unscrupulously and with just as much prejudice and partiality as the Liberal Progressive Socialists and Secular Humanists are currently demonstrating in their quest to seize as much power as possible and use their positions of authority to punish perceived abuses that occurred previously….

Payback’s a Blue State bitch….

What comes around… goes around….

And ALL of this is just adding momentum to the political pendulum that will inevitably swing back the other way….



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