A Common Fallacy….

I read an interesting comment today. The point was… we create our own truth….

Luckily, I had the time and opportunity to research that myth this Summer….

I have written a lot about the Pleasure Principle and the Reality Principle… the guiding principles behind Liberal Progressive Socialism and Secular Humanism…. The Pleasure Principle is essentially a statement of Hedonism. Originally the idea was called Ethical Hedonism, which is very similar to Epicureanism and shares some tenets with Ayn Rand’s Objectivism… until you mix it with the current amorality that is rampant today…. Amorality is the belief that no absolute right or wrong exists…. There is no good and no evil… only what each individual wants…. Throwing that into the mix results in Unethical Hedonism…. Or just Hedonism…. Ethical Hedonism and Epicureanism descended from Socrates and Platonism at the same time and in opposition to Stoicism, which taught that we should do the right thing. Always act moral and according to Nature… which is what is best for all mankind…. That generally happens to be the opposite of what is dictated by the Pleasure Principle….

The funny thing…. The blogger quoted Marcus Aurelius…. “Everything we see is perspective, not truth.” Marcus Aurelius was a noted Stoic who dedicated his life to serving Rome. His quote means that none of us should presume to believe that what we think is reality because our knowledge and understanding are limited. If you have read what I have written about Secular Humanism and “The Fallacy of ‘Scientific Proof’ and Anthropogenic Climate Change” and the reason that the “The Theory of Evolution” and “The Theory of Relativity” and “The Standard Model”, etc. are not proven… nor can ever be proven…. All of that reasoning hinges on this statement by Marcus Aurelius that comes straight out of the mind of Socrates passed through the thoughts of Plato. Socrates realized that to prove ANYTHING required that ALL other possible explanations must be explored and rigorously disproved… not simply dismissed and ridiculed…. Because even the most impudent and unlikely explanations may turn out to be the real truth….

What I want to believe does not become truth….

What I choose to believe is not truth…. That’s faith….

What I choose to believe has been proved to be true isn’t necessarily truth… especially if I have blindly injected bias… and chosen to overlook TRUTH… because TRUTH didn’t fit my agenda….

No human can create his own truth. The inevitable outcome of such an effort is self-delusion. The issue is whether we are honest enough in seeking the truth to admit we are simply chasing after the later in the name of the former…. That’s where steadfast pursuit of the Pleasure Principle inevitably leads…. Religious self-delusion….


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