Plans Thwarted! Further Dialogues….

My plan for today was to finish a post on China’s Monopoly on Rare Earth Elements and the fiscal and political implications that proceed from their possible actions… and then write about the current attempts to establish Secular Humanism as the new Pan-Western State Religion… but I have been distracted by a series of questions and challenges, many of which follow on what I have recently written. I think these lines of inquiry are important. They certainly help me understand my own thoughts more clearly. Hopefully they are also helping me to elucidate my scattered, rambling beliefs in a more readily understandable fashion….

On government handouts to corporations….

I’ll just post my reply.

“Passing money from tax payers to political supporters is not a legitimate function of government. China practices State Capitalism, meaning not that they have State Capitols (because power is actually concentrated in the Central government), but rather that the State owns all of the businesses through dummy corporations, etc. That’s one of the economic hallmarks of Communism. Now… China is in no way really Communist. They are Fascist. True Communism is Anarchy, so it could never work as a legitimate form of governance…. But the point is that Fascist State Capitalism breeds corruption and increases inefficiency… which inevitably leads to decreases in the Standard of Living for the vast majority of the populous…. So… the GM bail out was for political purposes…. The U.S. Government gave over $10 billion as a gift to political contributors, who reinvested part of that money in the Democratic Party…. They sacrificed the men and women who had invested their own money in dealerships and those who worked in non-Union jobs as punishment. The current budget deal bails out the Government Union, but not Military Retirees… who were no less Federal Employees… they just weren’t afforded the protection of Unions… because their jobs are considered essential…. The “Green Energy” investments is a very similar political boondoggle for bundlers and contributors…. So was the relaxation of restrictions on lending so that people who couldn’t afford it could get loans… leading to the Sub-Prime Lending Crisis… where the taxpayer bailed out the banks… and the politician’s spouses kept the profits they made….”

Jedi Knight commented that I seem to be blind to Republican practices…. That’s certainly a legitimate concern, particularly based on many of my posts….

Jedi Knight then posted a link:…/20090205-bailout-totals…

And followed that up with a question: There is a reason you’re for a flat tax is there not?

I’ll answer the question first. Two reasons I would support flat tax: 1. more efficient economically because it’s less invasive and less susceptible to corrupting influences, and 2. because Psychologically EVERY American needs to be invested in the successful outcome of our endeavor, and that requires financial buy-in.

Here is my reply to the Bailout….

“American Taxpayers received a return on investment of around 10% from American International Group, Inc. Insurance group and broke even from our investments in Bear Stearns. We lost over $10 billion dollars from our investment in the GM Unions and trillions of dollars on the rest. If I have been allowed to have invested that money myself, rather than having the government take my money and give it to whom they chose… I would have made substantially more on ALL of it… and the investments would have been weighted proportionally towards PROFITABLE ventures… so America as a whole would have very likely profited more… and more Americans would have better jobs…. That’s what the Laws of the Firm and other Economic Laws tell me…. Other groups just as needy and just as worthy of investment… were allowed to fail… costing their investors billions of dollars…. Why…? AIG was the company that packaged many of the instruments that resulted in the Sub-Prime Mortgage fiasco. Here is an article that talks specifically about that.

I categorically oppose State Capitalism because there is no way around injecting corruption and inefficiency which inevitably clogs the Economic Engine. This is a feature of the Liberal Progressive Socialist Keynesian Economic Model. This particular group of actions is clearly aimed at political expediency and not promoting the long-term growth of the American Economy through improving productivity. Redistribution of Wealth is also a political tool aimed at benefiting key demographic groups for blatantly political reasons…. No country can sustain debt above 100% of Gross Domestic Product. No data exists to suggest that Economic Strategy is valid. That’s why Germany and Europe have embraced a different strategy. The numbers don’t add up….

Someone else commented on attacks of Secular Humanism….

Swiss Mister: nothing wrong with humanism, the founding fathers called it deism and the catholics went after it as atheism.

I replied: “XXXX, there is nothing wrong with humanism. But there is a lot wrong with establishing a State Religion, in my opinion. I think the Founding Fathers got that one right.”

Then I expounded….

“We can’t have it both ways. We can’t have suppression of the Right of the Majority to express their opinion when we disagree with their opinion, while simultaneously flaunting the tyranny of the majority when they back our position. That is essentially what the Secular Humanists are trying to do. You can’t pray in school or present your beliefs, but we demand that our position be taught as the only legitimate option in school. Both the Theory of Evolution and Creationism are faith based dogma. The TRUTH is that we don’t really know what happened… and we never will for sure… because there are just too many possibilities to track them all down and disprove them all…. And that’s what has to be done to actually PROVE anything Scientifically. Can’t be done because there will ALWAYS be new challengers popping up as we learn more. That’s the issue with Anthropogenic Global Climate Change nee Warming…. Too many people fell in love with their biases… so they inserted biases for facts… and came to illogical and unsustainable conclusions… but by then they were too invested in the outcome in too many ways to accept what they were seeing…. It’s absolutely the same thing that happened with Euclidean Geometry. The appropriate application of Euclidean Geometry is restricted to very small surfaces which can reasonably be assumed flat… which is actually extraordinarily limited in the real world. We have two other non-Euclidean geometries that are now considered to be more “correct” expressions of geometry: hyperbolic and elliptic. But the reality is that likely an infinite number of potential geometric solutions exist to explain the realities we observe in Space-Time. And that doesn’t include the various possibilities of other dimensions, in which we don’t even possess understandable mathematics. My point is… man cannot even begin to comprehend the possible explanations. To pretend we have PROOF is asinine. Particularly when we just want to use that proof as a means to impose our power over people who think… who believe differently…. That’s what I mean when I say that Secular Humanism and Liberal Progressive Socialism flock or herd…. People who believe strongly in one position tend to accept them all without serious inquiry…. Amorality…. The whole bit…. It’s a variant view of freedom…. An attempt to establish autonomy… in a herd or like-minded individuals…. Conservatives and Religious Conservatives do the same thing. Religious Conservatives tend to label other Conservatives Neo-Cons and RINOs, but it’s just an expression of our natural tendencies to flock with like-minded individuals, because we tend not to be comfortable defending each one of our positions separately…. It’s one of the Psychological aspects that dictate our behavior, but that we rarely appreciate….”

Then Jedi Knight questioned whether I am truly a Creationist or not. He feels I really am not….

Here’s my response, so you can decide for yourself….

“Do I believe in Creationism? Ken, THAT’S a loaded question! Yes. And no. I don’t believe in Creationism as defined by most Christian Conservatives because I find it to be too restrictive of God. I believe that many parts of Evolution and the Standard Model (or Big Bang Theory) and the Nice Model… and even many of the ideas behind Super-String and M-Theory… and the best and most logical explanations of what we observe…. But NO theory is proved… and never will be…. Everything must be accepted on faith. In Science. And in religion. I believe in God. And I believe any god that I am willing to serve must be by definition unknowable. So I must accept that I don’t know… and will never know…. Science is the same way… no matter what anyone tries to tell me or teach me or convince me otherwise…. Random chance does not exist…. Air exists only to a certain level below which it must be broken down into constitutive parts… which are then further broken down… until we reach the Quantum level of Quarks and Photons and other pieces that we understand through even a more dense cloud…. The most rational explanation I can come up with to explain EVERYTHING is a god who is everything God claims to be and more…. An incomprehensible, eternal, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent being who can move between and permeate Space and Time and the dimensions within and containing all we see and think we know seamlessly… so that we humans can easily overlook him…. The difference between what I believe to be true Christianity and Secular Humanism involves three things: vision, perspective and direction. Secular Humanists look inward to self and see themselves as the culmination of Creation and believe that they are inevitably evolving into gods. A True Christian understands that God is great and he is nothing without God’s love which he does not deserve and can never earn… so must choose to submit… and seek to move in the direction of God… which is always forward…. So… I am a Scriptural Literalist…. I believe that Scripture is Spirit-breathed… and therefore God-breathed because the Holy Spirit is God…. Therefore, I believe in Scriptural Inerrancy, but… I don’t believe that man’s interpretation of Scripture can ever be inerrant…. I am Fundamentalist because I don’t think God can be proved or disproved… or comprehended… so his commandments must be followed rather than rationalized… as best I can… which really isn’t all that well…. So… I suck at following Christ’s Commandments… I try not to force what I believe on others… though I reserve the right to defend what I believe and my right to believe what I think is right…. And equal opportunity to teach others my beliefs… if I can present a rationally valid argument…. Which I think I can…. I believe Creation occurred over six days just like Scripture claims…. But… I think most of us restrict God by claiming that those six days are just like current days…. That would impossible based on Theology…. Because the Sun and the Moon and the stars weren’t created for the first few days…. I believe in using Theology to argue Scripture and Science to argue Science…. I believe that if God is One… then at the two extremes… Relativistic and Quantum… Scripture and Science will ultimately be resolved…. But not here and now and not today….”

Then we slid back towards Humanism….

Jedi Knight said: “Fwiw, you are not a creationist. You might well be kidding yourself if you think scientists preclude a greater force at work in evolution. Although not a scientist, you must know the beautiful writing of Asimov on the topic.”

Here is my reply: “Asimov is dead. So is Bertrand Russell. Humanism was not always a religion. Now Secular Humanism IS a religion. I have tremendous respect for Russell and for Asimov, too. But they came from a time when thoughtful men prided themselves on ripping apart of any issue equally. They understood the limitations of Science and that wantonly injecting bias resulted in nothing more than the propagation of propaganda. The current crop of Secular Humanists are nothing more than religious proselytizers who have corrupted Science in order to win politically so that they can impose their will on others…. The Religious Right does the same thing…. So… in your opinion… what do I believe, if I don’t believe in Creationism…?”

If don’t believe in Creationism, then I don’t know how to categorize what I believe. I know the Bible wasn’t written in Archaic English. So I don’t hold the King James is necessarily MORE authoritative than other translations…. And I certainly believe Scripture is Dynamic… in the Koine Greek sense of the Word….


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