The Sunni-Shi’a Conflict… and Stuxnet….

Most of us are aware of the hatred Iran has for Israel…. Iran promulgates the belief that Israel has no legitimate right to exist….

So… that HAS to be the greatest conflict in the Middle East… and greatest risk to International Peace… right…?


Most Americans (and possibly other Westerners, too) remain blissfully unaware of the Sunni-Shi’a Conflict… which actually devolved into a Cyberwar in about 2007….

What does that have to do with America and the West…? Plenty! Our “allies” in Saudi Arabia are not happy about not being included in the discussions with Iran over Uranium enrichment. Only the P5+1 (the five Permanent Members of the United Nations security council + Germany… who will likely soon be added… along with India and Brazil and Argentina as well as South Africa and one other African Nation… which I would guess may be Saudi Arabia….) are involved.

Why is this an issue…? Saudi Arabia is the most powerful nation in the Sunni Muslim and Arab world. They own the two most holy sites in Islam, with the third being the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem… which Iran is making a play for currently….

The Gulf Nations announced today that they were forming a joint military command….

Why is that important…?

The five Gulf Nations control a large percentage of the worlds available oil supply…. The countries involved are:

Saudi Arabia- 8.3 million barrels/day #1 Exporter Member G20

Kuwait- 2.4 million barrels/day #4 Exporter




United Arab Emirates- 2.4 million barrels/day #3 Exporter

(Others in rank order of oil production include: 1. Russia 9.5 million bpd (#2 Exporter), 2. United States 5.4 million bpd (#1 producer by 2015), 4. Iran 4.0 million bpd, 5. China 3.8 million bpd, 6. Mexico 2.6 million bpd, 7. Canada 2.6 million bpd, 9. Iraq 2.4 million bpd. Some of those may shock you!)

If you bother to look at the G20 Nations, you will notice that ALL of the top ten oil producers are included except for Kuwait and the UAE.

Another characteristic of the five Gulf States is that they are all Conservative Islamic/majority Sunni Monarchies….

They are also the main financial supporters of the Syrian Rebels… while Iran and their lap dogs, Hezbollah, support the Secular and Alewite Shi’a Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad….

The Five Gulf States have also been major contributors to al-Qaeda….

So… the two axes are: Sunni with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States + Egypt versus Shi’a Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

The Saudis have been in the American sphere of influence since 1950 when Eisenhower promised them security in return for oil. Al-Qaeda formed in order to fight against Russia in Afghanistan. The Taliban is Sunni.

Many in Iran have been anti-American/British since MI5 and the Dulles Brothers led a coup d’etat that overthrew Prime Minister Mosaddegh in 1953 in order to control Persian oil. The Shi’a radicals returned the favor when they overthrew the Shah and seized the American Embassy in 1979. But the PEOPLE of Iran remain largely pro-Western.

So… what’s the diff…?

The rift between Sunni and Shi’a goes back to the debate over who the legitimate successor of Muhammed, The Prophet, REALLY is…. Through family bloodlines…. Or through Political Power Structure…. Shi’a believe in Blood and Spirit…. Sunni believe in Writ… Holy Law…. Sharia….

Sunni consider themselves Orthodox… and the term is derived from a phrase meaning “people of the tradition of Muhammed and the consensus of the Nation of Islam”. They accept the first three Caliphs.

Shi’a are considered Heterodox by Sunni…. Shi’a reject the first three Caliphs… who were not descended by blood or related through marriage to Muhammed…. Shi’a believe in “Occulted Imams”… who are hidden… but will be revealed….

And this is the point…. The Messianic quality of Shi’a Islam…. Iran believes that they will the Ummah… the Nation of Islam… to rule the world… when the Mahdi, or Savior returns to Earth… in the VERY near future….

That is outlandish HERESY to Sunni Clerics….

Here is an explanation of the history of the conflict from the perspective of someone caught up in the crossfire….

A different historical perspective: after the death of Muhammed… in an effort to prove that Islam was the greatest religion, Muhammed led his armies to capture Mecca… during a month when warfare was forbidden…. After Muhammed’s death… his successors began a similar Jihad to prove that Islam was the Greatest Abrahamic religion and that the Prophet was Supreme over all others…. The goal was to capture the other three great religious centers: Jerusalem, Constantinople (or Rome as it was know at the time, because it was continuation of the Roman Empire in the East), and Rome.

Currently, the war is on for control over the three great Holy Sites of Islam: Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. The first two are under the control of Sunni Saudi Arabia. The third is in Israel… or “Occupied Palestine”…. Now… maybe you can put the tension in the Middle East in a little better perspective….

It ain’t about oil….

And… it ain’t about Israel….

It’s a struggle over supreme control of Islam….

One more thing….

When Mahdi comes… he will bring PEACE…. Salaam….

So… Iran looks bad when they engage in conflict or a fight for control or power with other Islamic nations….

So… it’s a stealth conflict…. Which devolved into Cyberwarfare in 2007….

One more thing…. Iran can’t openly fight Saudi Arabia or the Sunni…. Looks bad. Brings disunity. Not what would please Mahdi….

So… Iran must fight a proxy battle through attacking Israel and blaming them for everything… even when it’s clear that it was the Sunni….

But… please allow me to bring up one more thing while I’m on the subject of Cyberwarfare…. Cyberterrorism…. Cybersnooping….

Stuxnet…. Discovered in 2010…. Attacked the centrifuges in Iran enriching Uranium…. Specifically… Stuxnet worked on Windows computers and targeted Siemens industrial control systems….

But… it is computer worm…. A virus…. That they got through the internet…. Just like everyone else on the face of the planet….

Every computer connected to the internet was infected…. And potentially snooped…. And potentially are still being snooped…. By Stuxnet…. And its progeny….

Here’s what the Russians have to say about it:

The Sunni certainly have such capabilities….

So do the Russians…. The Chinese…. The Americans…. The Israelis…. The Indians…. The Brazilians….

Some believe that Stuxnet infected the Japanese Nuclear Reactor in Fukushima Japan and contributed to melt-down after the tsunami, but the Fukushima Daiichi reactors were General Electric, not Siemens.


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