Drinking the Kool-Aid… and Blaming the Maker….

Here is a post by David Simon… who rails against Capitalism as the source of all of America’s ills….http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/08/david-simon-capitalism-marx-two-americas-wireThis man… who has clearly benefited from Capitalism… blames Capitalism for all of the ills of America. He laments when Unions were meaningful. Without discussing that the American Government is completely controlled by Unions…. He complains that the American Government is owned by investors… without acknowledging that the Union is who runs the American Government….America is no longer a Capitalist nation. The Chinese and Russians have more Capitalistic policies than America and Europe… and they mock us for that…. He does get one thing right: Capitalism cannot heal the broken Spirit of the American people. Capitalism cannot elevate people who refuse to participate. Who feel they are entitled to government handouts in exchange for votes. People who have essentially indentured themselves into political slavery….To escape slavery… EVERYONE needs to value education and self-sufficiency…. Self-sufficiency is necessary for self-respect.American Progressive Liberal Socialism is essentially a license for political bullying and abusive behavior. Power-over rather than empowerment. If American Progressive Liberal Socialism worked… it would have closed the gap between the rich and the poor by now….Rich Liberals LOVE Keynesian Economics because it both assuages their guilt… and makes them richer…. The ultra-rich Liberal Progressive Socialists have set up a system where the government takes from the Middle Class and the Rich… but then returns the wealth of the ultra-rich Liberal Progressive Socialists who are politically connected through their contributions… and who receive benefits that far exceed their political investments….If you read the comments, you will see just how far off base a lot of seemingly intelligent people have gone to follow the path towards “Social Justice”. Social Justice requires education to think independently. Not blindly following a set of ideals because you are told they are “better”. Seemingly well-educated people just accept attacks on Capitalism without any thought. America hasn’t been Capitalist since the Industrial Capitalism of the 90′s up until the New Deal. We became Keynesian and ceased to be Classical Economically.If Keynesian Economics increases the rift between the haves and the have-nots… why do American Politicians persist in their rabid pursuit of Liberal Progressive Socialism under the disguise of Social Justice…? Two reasons….1. Makes them look good in front of their constituents….2. Maintains their places of political power and wealth….The Liberal Progressive Socialists aren’t really interested in “fixing” inequality: they just want to get rich… and look good doing it….One further point…. Marxism…. The goal of Classical Marxism is to foment Anarchy in order to provoke a violent take-over of the political establishment by destroying Capitalism…. To destroy Capitalism… Marx understood that the ENTIRE Economic System of the World must be destroyed…. THAT’S what Marxism is about….In order to accomplish the complete economic destruction of the World… Class Warfare must be incited….Charles Manson was a Classic Marxist. So are many American Political Leaders today. They difference is… Manson KNEW what he was doing….Notice the comments on the War on Drugs.

via Drinking the Kool-Aid… and Blaming the Maker…..

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