Reid Takes Desperate Dump on the Precedent

Today is a historic day in Constitutional Politics. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just made a historic grab for power!

No Senate Majority leader in the past two centuries has felt the need to take such a desperate constitutional on the Constitution of the United States of America….

Reid’s desperate and despicable movement seems to signify something is foul with the Democrats….

First, he seems to be signalling that the Liberal Progressive Socialists are so desperate to maintain power… or control… over Americans that they are now willing to expose their power-grab for what it is…. They apparently plan to establish the Judicial Branch as their wall to seal themselves from the evil they believe to be the Will of the People…. They appear to be beginning an attempt to fill the Federal Courts with activist judges who view themselves as superior to the Legislative Branch… when they disagree with their politics… or the limits of their power….

This power grab ultimately has another benefit…. Protecting the Democratic Powers that be from Prosecution…. Should the stalling on investigation of the numerous nefarious debacles fail to protect them. Benghazi. Fast and Furious. The IRS Scandal. The Obamacare Debacle. Handing out Federal money to family and friends… and political contributors… through grants and loans…. And regulations….

Reid’s desperate movement seems to signal also that the Obamacare Debacle is much worse than expected…. Essentially insurmountable…. So he is beginning a rear-guard action to protect their… exposed… and rather mulish… behinds…. Because… they fear the election of 2014 will be lost…. And… perhaps 2016 as well…. They may even fear Impeachment… and conviction….

The current crop of Federal Judges have not been overly kind to the Obama Administration recently. Holder’s contempt proceedings have not been derailed, but rather seem to be gaining steam. And the judge seemed steamed at the way the Attorney General tried to stall….

Reid’s dumpster dive is a bit daring…. Should the Democrats lose control of the Senate in 2014… or ever in the future… the Republicans will be unlikely to change the rules on filibuster BACK to be more fair…. And they really won’t need to… because Reid’s movement stinks! It wreaks! And that’s precisely why no one has stooped to do-do-do it in the last 200+ years!

This may well come back to haunt them. And Reid and Pelosi and Obama ALL know it. Reid ain’t the Lone Ranger. This is a concerted effort… just like the Obamacare Debacle….

When Pelosi said: “You’ve got to pass it to know what’s in it!”… what she meant was: “After we ram this down your throat you will find out that we’re just gonna take whatever we want. And you’re gonna like it!” Pelosi knew that if Americans EVER KNEW what was in that bill, they wouldn’t like it. But… they thought that they could lie to the American people… and blame Bush… and dodge all responsibility… until America as we have known her has been completely destroyed….

And she may be right. We may have no choice but a single payer system when we’re all said and done. And THAT’S what they wanted to begin with….


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