The W in Rehab

President George W. Bush, Jr. was just one man. Misunderstood. Hated. And denigrated.

He was derided as THE Village Idiot….

But now… he seems to be in rehab. At least his image is….

President George W. Bush was a Lone Ranger…. He believed in the Independent Spirit that made America great…. But apparently he just didn’t get it….

One man… not even an exceptional man… an exceptional America… and a Village Idiot… cannot completely screw up the entire world. Even American Exceptionalism has its bounds.

So… now that President Obama and his gang have done away with the concept of American Exceptionalism… we seem to left in the doldrums of abject mediocrity…. But… at least we now have a clue as to how we have arrived where we are….

A single Village Idiot does not have the power to completely bring an Exceptional Nation like America to her knees…. Hillary got this one absolutely RIGHT….

It takes a WHOLE stinking VILLAGE of IDIOTS to bring about complete incompetence…. No bid contracts given out as rewards for political contributions is one GREAT way to start….

After all… it’s not Obama and his cronies money…. It’s yours and mine….

Obama is all about wealth redistribution instead of accumulation. That’s Keynesian Economics.

President Bush should thank Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Clinton for rehabbing his image by making him look intelligent…. Wise…. Through their crass ignorance and stupidity…..

The Progressive Liberal Idiots have decided to engage in an Ideological Warfare…. A tremendous Fight for Mediocrity….


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