Power Over, the Relentless Pursuit of Philosophical Truth, and Equality Amongst Animals

I’m trying to understand a seeming trend that’s caught my eye recently.

Think about this Thesis Statement for a bit and come to your own independent conclusion: When a person or group feel they are oppressed, they seek Truth, but when they feel empowered, they become emboldened to seek to impose their will as the new norm for the culture in which they now reside.

In America, our Founding Fathers in their great wisdom enshrined three separate branches of government in the Constitution of the United States. The purpose of the Judicial Branch in the power structure of the Jeffersonian Democratic Republic put for in that document is to protect the Minority from the Tyranny of the Majority. The President is the head of the Executive Branch and is empowered by the majority of elected voters. The Legislative Branch is composed of two subsets: the Senate and the Congress. The Senate is supposed to preserve the power of the people who live in less populous States and the Congress represents the will to power of the more populous States, but ALL are elected by a majority of voters in their individual Districts. To accomplish anything in either Chamber, the party in power must have a majority. So all aspects of Political Power are the direct representation of the majority.

The issue is… the Minority Opinion is frequently suppressed…. And the Minority is therefore oppressed…. And their only recourse is the Court System… which requires an Independent Judiciary… not Activist Judges trying to correct deficiencies that they see in the legislative and executive processes….

Power Over is a term that is used in Abuse Literature and in Management. It means using formal authority or position and other means such as threats and the dispensation of punishments and rewards to exercise control over another individual or group. As a management style Power Over is entrenched, but inefficient. Still… Power Over is the weapon of choice whenever a Political Party or group feel they have control…. Entrenched Entitlement and a serious attempt to establish a new cultural norm with new Power Structure results…. Bring in the New…. And throw out the Old….

When a group is the Minority, inevitably they speak of the relentless search for Truth…. They speak of their quest for Social Justice… equality… sharing power… fair play…. Forgiveness….

But… when that same group seizes the position of power… all they seem to think about is Payback…. Punishing the opposition…. Forcing them to pay restitution…. Establishing the firmest grip they can on control…. Setting the Courts up to favor them… their opinions….

George Orwell said it best in Animal Farm: All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

We are all animals. And we should all have the reasonable expectation of being treated equally under the law. The reasonable expectation of fair play. Not punishment for political or religious beliefs. Not being spied on without probable cause. Not having branches of government used as a political tool for those in power. Those are all signs of corruption. The Judicial system was established in America to protect the rights of the Minority from the Tyranny of the Majority that occurred under the Imperialists governments of Europe and the entire rest of the World. Freedom, equality and self-determination were reborn in America after 1500 years buried in the grave. And the image of Freedom established in this Jeffersonian Democratic Republic was the first to embrace the idea that ALL men were created equal. America may have stumbled around for a while before we embraced that original vision, but we were still well ahead of the rest of the world. And still are. In the Roman Republic, only the rich were allowed to express a political opinion.

And we still need to protect the Minority from the Tyranny of the Majority. Because in our heart of hearts… when it comes to politics… were are all still animals bent on using whatever power we can grab to oppress the rest of our fellow man who disagree with us….


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