Atheism… And Withholding the Truth While Seeking Political Position

Interesting article about an atheist who is the President of the Senior Class at a Christian University. Apparently, he hid that out of fear of being ostracized. And… decided to come clean….

I assume that Mr. Fromm made the decision to run for Senior Class President at his Christian University. When he did, was he straightforward about his beliefs? Or did he willfully allow his fellow classmates to believe he was one of them in order to receive an honor that he most likely would not have received, if he had been forthright and honest….

I would suggest that MOST of the students at that University choose it as a safe haven so that they will not feel attacked, bullied and belittled about their beliefs by Atheists, Secular Humanists and others who do not share the same beliefs they do, such as in public schools when they are not allowed to express their beliefs about Creation or the existence of God or pray in public….

But… according to the article… most of the people who appear to unaccepting… are those who just assume… like Mr. Fromm… that he would be discriminated against by the Christian majority at the school…. Mr. Fromm stated explicitly that was not what happened, but rather he was supported… and his differing beliefs were accepted.

Obviously that doesn’t always happen. Christians are really no different from anyone else in that regard: we all have feeling and expectations.

But… Mr. Fromm may want to look into his actions… how he willfully misled the rest of his class about his beliefs…. Move towards Truthfully and full disclosure…. Accept the natural consequences of his beliefs…. And deceitful actions…. At least acknowledge that he willfully misled them…. Seek their forgiveness….

I personally believe Mr. Fromm should have exhibited a little more personal integrity….

But… he didn’t….

Now… will the Christians be allowed to act on his clear breach of faith without threat of judgment and ridicule…? No way.

Why do I say that…?

The Democratic Alderman ultimately backed off after his plan was exposed, but… the Liberal hypocrisy was clear….

I’m not going to say that turn about’s fair play. This is wrong, too. Willful deceit deserves to be punished.


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