School Suspends Teen Boy for Carrying Purse. Why?

This is an excellent example of Liberal Bigotry in action. The person writing the blog supports a certain set of Liberal values, while simultaneously devaluing people with a different set of values that she views as politically polar. The problem is… being intolerant… especially while claiming that you are arguing from the moral mountaintop of tolerance… is nothing more than blind hypocrisy….

Hypocrisy. Blasting the assistant principal for upholding male stereotypes. Then presenting just as bigoted a defense of obverse stereotypes. Claiming that you understand the those small-minded people… who must be homophobic… because…? You think they are. And you’re Liberal. And that makes you right, as well as self-righteous….

I wore a dog collar when I was high school. And… I also ran for Homecoming Queen. My mother and the principal of my high school conspired to remove my name from the ballot the day before the election. Because I had the election won.

Now…. The irony….

That was Fall of 1976 in rural Mississippi. The Free State of Jones. I am Southern Christian and Conservative. No one questioned my masculinity and my sexuality was never at issue. I was already President of the Senior Class and the Student Council as well as State President of the Beta Club, a scholastic honor society. I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t irrate. I realized that my actions embarrassed my mother and many people in my school and my community. I wasn’t doing it to make a point. I was doing it to make a joke. And to poke fun at cultural norms. I made the dog collar in Independent Living (Home Economics) class. I also sewed a kaftan that was the envy of many. As was my Afro. And, yes, I’m white.

If the young man wishes to display his individuality, that’s great. If he also wishes stand up to the ridicule of having an independent mind. Because being independently minded will ALWAYS result in ridicule. Living in a Liberal Progressive Society is not necessarily an anti-dote. Possessing a different, contrary, independent opinion is tolerable. Expressing that opinion… and being able to defend it… often not so much…. I live in the bluest of the Blue States…. And I think Reagan was a Communist….

Respect ALL people’s right to express their own opinions, even if they differ from your own and your cliques. Even if you cannot understand their values. Even if you disagree. Do so respectfully.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

For several weeks, an eighth-grade boy outside of Kansas City has been expressing his individuality by carrying a floral-print Vera Bradley purse. But yesterday, his assistant principal demanded he remove it. The boy refused, and he was immediately suspended from school.

This raises a question: Why is it a problem for a boy to carry a purse instead of a backpack if he wants to? By breaking gender stereotypes, he’s not hurting anyone. Instead, he’s showing the world that he has good self-esteem and self-confidence—that he is secure his identity.

Unfortunately, his school administrators’ actions show that they want to force a 13-year-old kid into stereotypical masculinity. Apparently, they value gender conformity over creativity and individuality.

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