Field Guides. For an Alien Universe.

I was looking at Smithers’ Mammals of Southern Africa. It’s sort of like the Peterson Field Guide Series you can find in most bookstores in America. Pictures and descriptions of habitat and life history and behavior, etc.

I wonder…. If Aliens had a Field Guide for Planet Earth….
Would humans be described as just another unintelligent species with Race meaning nothing more than coat color….

Would humans be recognized as exalted? Set apart? Special? Sentient? Made in the very Image of God…?

I mean… a lot of humans who claim to have Elite Intelligence miss that point, don’t they…?

In fact… that is how they define their Intellectual Elitism, isn’t it…?

Makes me wonder…. About their sentience…. Their ability to truly see… to comprehend… the world… the Universe… ALL of SpaceTime… outside their own fickle… self-serving little minds….

The Universe reveals his Glory….
It’s really hard to miss it….
Unless you’re blind….


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